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- Communiqué de presse -
Result of the first national and parliamentary elections in Brittany!
The first Breton national and parliamentary elections have just finished physically, on Sunday, November 27th, 2016, in a restaurant in Surzur in Morbihan, Menhir Black, which we thank for their warm welcome
Jean-Loup LE CUFF pour KAD le 29/11/16 23:47
Élections nationales bretonnes, communiqué n° 6, nov. 2016.

The first Breton national and parliamentary elections have just finished physically, on Sunday, November 27th, 2016, in a restaurant in Surzur in Morbihan, Menhir Black, which we thank for their warm welcome. It was also possible to vote before, by correspondence, e-mails or letters, for ten days, for the far away Bretons or the diaspora ones who could not come.

For these first national and parliamentary Breton elections, opened to all Democratic and Patriotic Bretons, we had thirty-nine candidates from all horizons and all sensibilities, and 482 electors registered to make their choice, in order to awaken the Parliament of Brittany, that had not sat since 1788!

The general counting took place from 6 pm to 10.30 pm in front of more than a hundred voters present, and gave us the following result in decreasing order of voices obtained:

The 33 elected members of the Parlement of Brittany:

(First parliamentary cycle of Brittany 2017-2019)

1) Corlay, André (318);

2) Le Goarnig, Gwenn (306);

3) Kermenguy, Charles de (300);

4) Gaultier, Yann Kez (297);

5) ex-aequos: 

- Calvarin, Ronan (296);

- Millasin-Olivo, Mary (296);

- Viaouet, Alan (296);

8) ex-aequos: 

- Vaucamp, Roger (295);

- Pavec, Jean-Yves (295);

10) Guillaume, Michel (294);

11) ex-aequos: 

- Furon, Jean-Marc (292);

- Le Deuff, Per (292);

13) ex-aequos: 

- Josse, Gilbert (287);

- Moisan, Gilles (287);

15) ex-aequos: 

- Daniel, Per (286);

- French, Davy (286);

17) Le Bris, Jonathan (284);

18) Fournier, Pascale (281);

19) Poulpiquet, Jakez de (280);

20) Le Corre, Stéphane (279);

21) ex-aequos: 

- Kerdrel, Emmanuel de (277);

- La Touche, Jean-Luc (277);

23) Le Bris, Alain (272);

24) Haymel, Rozenn (264);

25) ex-aequos: 

- Le Vaillant, Françoise (262);

- Sicsic, Jean-Clarles (262);

27) Trebaol, William ( 255);

28) Perissel, Jean-Philippe (246);

29) Radoubé, Thomas (237);

30) Dolu, Karol (234);

31) Trecasser, Éric (231);

32) Bourdelier, Christophe (229);

33) Letoffe Emmanuel (228);

The 6 substitutes:

1) Le Roux, Nicolas (217);

2) ex-aequos: 

- Gaudemont, Éric de (215);

- Seité, Tanguy (215);

4) ex-aequos: 

- Delamotte, Éric (192);

- Herry, Yann (192);

6) Bousseaud, Jérôme (159).

The thirty-three elected Breton parliamentarians will therefore work for three years in building a modern Breton Constitution, or at least in its draft, taking into account the rules of law as well as the old Breton Custom Law. They will be able to consult the lawyers and all the specialists they deem useful.

The six substitutes will be re-elected in the event of resignations or evictions of one or more parliamentarians, but may already be members of a joint parliamentary committee, as are all voters who wish to do so: voters, true representatives of the Breton people, will contribute, on the basis of voluntary work, in mixed Parliamentary Commissions, and will have a say in the work of Parliamentarians. These mixed Parliamentary Commissions, on all possible subjects, will be able to support the new corpus of laws to be implemented also by the elected parliamentarians.

A public communication will be made on all the completed work as well as on all the voted decisions of the awakened new Parliament of Brittany. A more detailed statement on the internal functioning of the Parliament of Brittany and its installation will be given soon.

We would like to thank all those who participated - near or far - to this beautiful democratic construction for Brittany, the 39 candidates, all the voters and the members of the KAD association who will continue to accompany daily this Parliament of Brittany in its functions.

For information, the KAD association was invited by the UNPO of which KAD is a member, to represent Brittany at the UN, the Human Rights Council, Forum on minority issues in humanitarian crises, ninth Session of 24 and 25 November 2016. After internal reflection, we declined this invitation this year for two main reasons:

- The subject developed this year did not allow KAD to express its views on the inalienable rights of Brittany flouted by France. We will wait for a more favorable opportunity.

- This UN forum was held just three days before our election, and could divert our internal organization from our main objective. The Parliament of Brittany, now awakened and elected, will be stronger and more legitimate in the future to go and express ourselves at the UN.

Thank you all, for a true democracy in a reunified Brittany!

KAD, (Kelc'h An Dael, Circle of the Parliament), November 29th, 2016


- We were pleasantly surprised by the important motivation of voters who came from afar to vote, and the emotion shared during this vote and counting.

- A nod to history: our physical vote and our counting took place just near the castle of Suscinio (voir le site) , summer residence of our sovereign dukes of the old independent Brittany.

- The Bretons wanting to join us as participative voters of the parliamentary work, can still and always do it here: (membership fee for life: 20 €) (voir le site)

- The UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) link about our Breton Parliamentary elections! (voir le site)

- Contact: kadbzh [at] gmail.com

Translated from ( voir l'article ) and/or (voir le site) of KAD, by Maryvonne Cadiou.

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